eLearning Tutor

Need an eLearning Tutor?

“We all aren’t born tech geniuses “

Designer or Developer

What is the difference between a content developer and instructional designer? It’s like the difference between an architect and a builder. One creates a plan, the other carries it out.

Usually an instructional designer is responsible for determining learning outcomes and designing an overall experience that helps people reach those outcomes.

A content developer would be responsible for actually translating the plan to action by creating the videos or building the presentations etc. that make up that learningexperience.

Despite this skill difference, the roles often overlap. The overlapping sometimes exposes skill gaps.

When there is a gap in your knowledge and ability, our tutors can go straight to the solution to help you bridge that gap.

We are experienced in a broad range of development tools and are ready to help!

First, determine your technical need, then use the form to contact us. We will then contact you to discuss specifically how we can help you and arrange a time convenient for you to have the “elearning tutor” session.

Our fee is a flat $10, payable by credit card or PayPal for a 20 minute WebEx on-line session with the tutor.  You pay only if we deliver our service to your satisfaction.

Become a eLearning Tutor

To become a TEKsynthesis “Tech-Tutor” it will require that you are:

  1. Technically well informed
  2. An active listener
  3. Pro-active when helping customers
  4. Able to use a variety of question types
  5. Non-confrontational when communicating

It’s useful also to understand a bit about adult learning and cognitive bias. Patience also comes in handy when dealing with less technical people. 

If you think you have what it takes, let’s talk.  Use the form to contact us and we will discuss your interest and compensation.