“How to eat … whale size learning”

Eating an eLearning Whale

Micro-learning is a way to solve an age old problem of consumption, “how do you eat a whale”? In this case an elearning training whale, bloated by:

  1. dwindling attention spans
  2. workers with multiple functions
  3. shrinking budgets
  4. the rapid evolution of technology

All of this and more, make course developments heavy with content that attempts to address the issue. As a result, courses become too content weighted to digest in one setting.

Micro-learning is a new kind of training for the digital age that addresses “how to eat a “training whale”.  A positive step in reducing lost productivity by finding affordable, effective training methods for a more digitally capable workforce, “one bite at a time”!

Modern Learners

Today’s modern knowledge workers are a different breed. See how micro-learning is a learning strategy helping them adapt.

Click the video below to view modern learners.

Synthesizing Information

Micro-learning is a method of training that takes place in short, bite-sized units that aims to teach content in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Micro-Learning is:

from a variety of devices such as phones, laptops, and tablets so that learning can take place at
any time and from anywhere

so that content is easy to design, produce, and update in the future. This makes micro-learning an exceptionally cost-effective training method.

so that a trainee can skip or review course content as needed instead of moving at the pace of the slowest learner (traditional training, on the other hand, is structured, linear, and trainer-driven).

by offering a 360° view of a topic in order to deepen one’s understanding in a meaningful and varied way.

(i.e. repeatable and formulaic), allowing for a broad view first before focusing on the less important, individual parts.

Learn More About Micro-learning

How TEKsynthesis Creates Successful Micro-learning

Micro-learning can be delivered to the desktop, on smartphones and tablets, even over Point of Sale terminals. Specific instructions delivered in small chunks, where and when it makes sense for employees whether it is on the job, at home, or while travelling.

Teksynthesis adheres to the following methods to ensure that our developments meet your training needs: